Planning and Economic Development

Looking to start a business? The City of Central Falls provides close proximity to major regional and international hubs at affordable prices. Its diverse population has strong ties to overseas markets, while its government focuses on energetically pursuing economic development. The city has partnered with OpenCounter to help navigate business registration. The easiest way to get started is by visiting our portal:


Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure that the City’s growth is consistent with its strategic goals, as stated in the City’s Comprehensive Plan, and in compliance with State regulations and City ordinances. In order to fund repairs to existing City property and encourage development, we pursue grants from both the State and federal government. 


Our primary goals are to address three development components for the City of Central Falls: 

  1. Economic Development:
    • Tax incentive programs for businesses
    • Land parcels available for development
    • Current and past economic development projects
    • Steps you can take to start your own business in Central Falls or move your current business to the City
  2.  Community Development:
    • How to find a home in Central Falls
    • Housing tenants' rights
    • The Central Falls Community Block Grant (CDBG) Program
    • The City's past and present community development projects
  3.  Comprehensive Community Planning and Land Use Review:
    • The City's Comprehensive Plan
    • The Planning Board
    • The Zoning Board of Review
    • The City's land use and zoning maps


Contact Us

Please contact Director Peter Friedrichs at or (401) 727-7480 with any questions or suggestions. 


Open Data Portal 

The City of Central Falls Office of Planning is proud to present our assessor data in a new, user-friendly geospatial format. Click on any parcel below to view data the city keeps including zoning, assessed value, and even whether or not it has a pool!Data is open and can be downloaded in CSV: Central Falls Assessor Data (Zipped CSV + metadata) (updated 2015-06-30)

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