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  • Tamara Morgan
    When I moved back to CF 6 months ago- I telephoned the DPW to ask what I could do regarding recycling. I was told by whomever answered the phone- that I shouldn’t worry about it- that it would be taken care of at the landfill… It is appalling that most people are still unaware that recycling by EVERYONE is mandatory. Upon reading the city Ordinances and the State law- I found my answer. The regulations regarding the treatment of residential property with more than 5 apartments as a commercial site (and therefore requiring a dumpster- by Ordinance of the City of Central Falls) AND
    by RI State Law- therefore providing a point of origin means of separation (garbage items from recycle-able items) and arrangement for collection is the responsibility of the land owner are clear but not readily available on either our City of Central Falls website (as not even the receptionist for the DPW knew…) nor on the DEM’s website. Commercial sites (meaning ALL businesses and ALL apartment buildings with more than 5 apartments) are NOT exempt yet in the course of taking care of personal errands throughout the City of CF over the last few years- I have not seen one business (aside from governmental buildings) that is separating their recycle-able materials from their garbage.
    Perhaps if the law (and the ordinance) were 1) posted clearly on this website under “recycling” in both the “Residents” section as well as the “Business” section- there would be no question AND more accountability and 2) the penalties for non-compliance were actually imposed (as stated in the State law).
    However- in order to pull EVERYONE into compliance with both City ordinance and State law requires more public exposure to the problems the entire planet is facing as our consumer society continues to mindlessly consume and generate waste without much thought to what is done with it or where it goes. To enlighten we need to EDUCATE the public. Perhaps if people were educated not only about the problem of waste but about the laws regarding it’s management- citizens would be more apt to not only educate others but be more assertive about reporting problems when they see them.