Voting Information

To register to vote in the State of Rhode Island you must be a legal resident of Rhode Island and a citizen of the United States, be at least 16 years of age (at least 18 years of age to vote on Election Day), and complete and submit either the Rhode Island Voter Registration Form or the National Voter Registration Form. Rhode Island Formulario De Inscripcion De Votante.

If you are a convicted felon and not in prison and you are a US citizen at least 18 years of age on election day, you may restore your right to vote by notifying your local board of canvassers in writing that you have completed your prison sentence or by submitting a new voter registration form.

Beginning in 2012, poll workers will ask you to show a current and valid ID when you vote at your polling place due to a law known as Voter ID.  Click here for a list of acceptable photo IDs.

Protecting Your Vote

Click here for how to obtain a free Voter ID and info about voting without a photo ID.

Duration of Registration

Registration is permanent and normally does not need to be renewed as long as you live at the same address.

Click here for a list of reasons to update your registration.

In order to update your registration, download the Updating Your Voter Registration Form.

Where to Register

You may register to vote in person at many different places.

Click here for a list of places where you may register.

Contact the Board of Elections at 401-222-2345 for a complete list of agencies where you may register or change your address.


All the information on a voter registration form is public record except your driver’s license and social security numbers. However, there is an exception for victims of domestic violence or voters living with victims of domestic violence.

If you have a court-ordered restraining order against another person to prevent domestic violence, you and your co-habitants may vote without making your residence address part of a public record. To do so, download and fill out this Address Confidentiality Application.

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