Visit us at City Hall to See the Art Exhibits of our City and State Children

The New Millennium Art Factory is connecting art with our neighborhood.

The New Millennium Art Factory Program is planning to direct its focus in the arts by promoting awareness about the need to be connected with the neighborhood through development of art pieces, which sends a message about working together for a friendly community. They will include all of their student’s families in the project plus expanding on what was accomplished in 2016. The students’ projects are currently held in City Hall on the second floor hallway.

The art program, founded in 1995 by the Colombian artist Alfonso D. Acevedo, was set up to teach people of low income communities and children at risk in Blackstone Valley on the different techniques of the fine arts (Drawing, Painting and Photography) free of charge. Besides the lack of these programs and volunteers to help keep at-risk children off the streets. The New Millennium Art Factory is based in the Adams Memorial Library in Central Falls with volunteer work from Alfonso D. Acevedo himself.


Public Impact Project

The New Millennium Art Factory has offered the art class program for the last 21 years for free to our children. The community and the city officials have recognized the impact in the community life. After learning the various techniques, the students worked on the 2016 art pieces focusing on community relationships along their own vision and of how to accomplish the goal improving on neighborhoods.

This year, the art program teaches our children healthy eating habits as they paint the healthy foods that they eat.

RISCA, the Colombian-American Cultural Society, Central Falls Public Library, Blackstone Valley Tourism Council, CMI Cleaning Management, RI Self Storage, Business Community in Blackstone Valley, City of Central Falls, Puerto Rican Institute of Arts and Advocacy, Invited Artists, Newport Museum have all been supporter of the program.

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  • Alfonso Acevedo
    I am very glad to found this article about the first exhibit ever in the City Hall of Central Falls of The New Millennium Art Factory program at Adams Memorial Free Public Library. On behalf of the families of Blackstone Valley, and the students receive our thank’s Mayor James Diossa, Chief of Staff Joshua Giraldo and you Wilder Arboleda for this great opportunity. We will work to continue this series of exhibits in the next months for the good of our communities.