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  • Tamara Morgan
    Re: Noise Ordinance
    I have been tortured relentlessly by a neighbor above me for over a year who has subwoofers on the floor over my bedroom. The police haven’t been much help as I often have to call them many days in a row and sometimes multiple times in one day. The neighbor never faces any consequences and so defiantly repeats the behavior often in the same day. I have also never seen one officer with a sound level meter. They haven’t even come into the apartment to hear how loud the bass is- which sounds quite different through air versus a structure as it’s vibrational. Even sound level meters cannot accurately pick up bass level noise the way that a human ear does. With our old housing stock in RI (all of new England) where residential buildings are primarily wooden structures, bass level noise is actually amplified for someone below the level where it is generated due to “flanking” where the vibrational noise is transmitted through the ceiling and all 4 walls. Supposedly the CFPD is supposed to be educated on these facts especially considering the Noise Ordinance Education Campaign but I have not seen one shred of evidence that they have a clue about the dynamics of sound at all nor any interest in actually enforcing it.
  • Tamara Morgan