Snow Removal

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide effective management, construction, and maintenance of City-owned infrastructure and facilities while maintaining the highest levels of customer service and professionalism in support of the City’s strategic goals and objectives.

Our department is instrumental in constructing, maintaining, repairing, and managing public property and infrastructure. Further, our responsibilities include the City’s streets, sidewalks, drainage, parks, facilities, landscaping, fleet, capital projects, and engineering. Additionally, the Department performs administrative functions including but not limited to grant preparation and administration, contract and project management.

Snow Removal

In the event of an ice or snow storm, we become first responders charged with clearing the roadways for emergency vehicles and the general public.  Should the Police Department declare a Parking Ban due to major snowfall, there are many parking lots throughout the city that residents can use for overnight parking, a list of which can be seen here.


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