Section 1: Article II “Rubbish Collection” of Chapter 30 “Solid Waste”

To promote the safe and convenient handling of rubbish and to promote the orderly appearance of the city when rubbish is on the sidewalk awaiting collection:

(1)    Tree limbs and wood must be four feet in length or less and tied in bundles. Wood must be free of all nails and screws.
(2)    Rugs must be cut in half and four feet in length, tied and bundled.
(3)    No sand, dirt, sod, rocks, demolition lumber, broken concrete, asphalt, plaster, brick or any other construction material will be collected.
(4)    No automotive parts, tires, motor oil or other hazardous liquids will be collected.
(5)    Refuse too large to place in containers as described in section 30-38 shall be required to be placed or arranged next to the container so that they may be picked up by the department.
(6)    Frozen containers, containers containing hot/warm ashes, sod, and rocks will not be collected.

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