Rules and Regulations for use of River Island Campground

1. These regulations are promulgated pursuant to the revised ordinances of the city of Central Falls, as Amended Chapter 28 “Parks & Recreation” and Mayor’s proclamation.

2. Hours: Recreational facilities shall be closed from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am. Any person or Group wishing to use the facilities during the restricted hours must apply for a permit for its use to the Recreation Board or Mayor and must be granted permission.

3. Upon receipt of the completed application form and use fee of $100 the Director of Recreation shall issue a permit. The City reserves the right to revoke any permit for just cause.

3a. This fee is waived for residents/organizations based in Central Falls.

4. The Recreation Director or designee is hereby authorized to impose a fee for the use of any utility cost in excess of the use fee.

5. A campfire shall only be made within the designated area and fire buckets must be filled with water and near the campfire area whenever a fire is lit.

6. Swimming is not permitted.

7. Jumping or diving from bridge is not permitted.

8. No person shall operate any motor vehicle in any recreational facility without the express consent of the recreation director of designee. Security and emergency vehicles are exempt.

9. No person shall operate any motorized equipment without written permission from the Recreation Director/Mayor or City Council.

10. No person shall post or otherwise affix, any bill, notice or other paper upon any structure, or thing including trees, gates or enclosures within any park or recreational facility without the consent of the director of recreation. All such bills and notices if allowed to be affixed by the director shall be removed and property disposed of at the conclusion of the event. Any notice posted using rope, wire, chain etc., must be fully removed. The applicant will be held fully responsible for any damage or injury caused by any remaining rope, wire, chain etc.

11. No person shall give away or distribute any circulars or handbills in any park or recreational facility for the purposes of promoting a commercial enterprise without express approval of the city council or director of recreation.

12. No person shall sell or offer for sale any goods, wares, merchandise or food in any park or recreational facility, except as may be authorized by the approval of the appropriate licenses by the Central Falls City Council.

13. No person shall sell, possess or consume any alcoholic beverages within the park or recreational facility.

14. No person shall take, pluck, injure destroy, cut, mark, or deface any flower, root, plant, shrub, tree, building face, fence, monument or any other property in the park or recreational facility.

15. No person shall cast litter in and upon any portion of the park or recreational area in the city of Central Falls.

16. All trash must be carried out upon departure.

17. Any person or organization planning, organizing, conducting or otherwise promoting any activity to take place in the park or recreational area must obtain liability insurance for the event in an amount not less than $1,000,000 and must name the city of Central Falls as co-insured.  This requirement shall be waived when the request activity is a political or religious exercise of the applicant’s First Amendment Rights and strict enforcement of this requirement would effectively prohibit the activity.

18. Additional Fees may be charged for those costs which are incurred by the city for damages in excess of the damage deposit including but not limited to personnel costs, and any costs incurred for the replacement or repair of the damaged property.

19. Any violations of these regulations shall be an offensive punishable as provided by the revised ordinances of the City of Central Falls, as amended.

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