River Island Campground

About the Campground

River Island Campground is a 4-acre gem that sits right along the Blackstone River in Central Falls, RI. By crossing an arched steel and wood pedestrian bridge to the island you are quickly transported to a serene landscape of oak trees, running rapids, and chipping birds more commonly associated with Northern New England. River Island Campground also hosts scenic views, river access for kayaking, canoeing or fishing, a campfire area, and walking trails that circle the island for your relaxation and enjoyment. There are two cleared communal campsite areas with picnic tables on Blackstone River Island designed for low-impact primitive tent camping. The island also allows campers to have the choice to set up camp outside of the cleared area wherever they see a suitable spot.

Adjacent to the island is River Island Park, a great space for group activities or playing field games with your party. The 2.5 acre park has a large grass area, paved running track, and picnic tables that line the terrace overlooking the channel. Restrooms and access to potable water are in the red brick field house near the parking area of the park, and the entire area is secured by police patrol.

Experience what River Island Campground has to offer by having your organized group camp with us this season!

For more information contact Tracey Giron at tgiron@centralfallsri.us

Rules and Regulations for use of River Island Campground

General Release & Indemnity Agreement:

The organization as listed on the front of this application for permit, in consideration of the permit granted by the city council, mayor, or director of recreation, as requested hereby remises, releases and forever discharges the City of Central Falls, its respective employees, agents, officers, attorneys and assigns from all manner of actions, causes of actions, debts, dues, claims and demands both in law and equity, more especially any and all claims as a result of the issuance of this permit or use of any City Property, including, but not limited to, property damages and personal injuries resulting from the same.

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