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  • M Z
    Greetings Mayor Diosa,
    I Am a resident on Emmett St,
    When they paved the street they removed the speed bump that was there. Please add a speed bumb or a stop sign. Cars arw driving too fast on the street And kids play there. One day my son almost got hit by a pizza delivery guy. He was doing 40 on a 15 zone. Also residents pArk at the end of the road and have made it into a parking lot. It is very annoying because they keep blocking driveways. Please have someone check into this issue.
  • Pamela D'Vileskis Almeida
    Dear Mayor Dirosa, I’m a resident on Shawmut Ave. and the cars keep driving extremely fast down the street, we need to put a stop to this. They do have removable speed bumps. There are young children playing, someone is going to get killed. Please take this very seriously. Thank you.