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CF DPW Updates: 

*Yard waste pickup will begin May 8th. Pick ups will be on Friday’s only unless there is a holiday during week. If so, pick up will be on Saturday. If yard waste is put out any other day, you may be subject to a fine. 


*To all homeowners and tenants, to help prevent sewage blockage and backups, the Department of Public Works asks that residents please avoid any disposal in sinks and toilets of grease, and other solid materials such as sanitary napkins, baby wipes etc. . 


To all homeowners and tenants, the Department of Public Works asks that residents please sweep light sidewalk debris (excess sand etc.) into the street to be cleaned by the city's street sweeper.


**Road Repaving Continues: Mayor Diossa continues initiative to repave city roadways.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide effective management, construction, and maintenance of City-owned infrastructure and facilities while maintaining the highest levels of customer service and professionalism in support of the City’s strategic goals and objectives.

Our department is instrumental in constructing, maintaining, repairing, and managing public property and infrastructure. Further, our responsibilities include the City’s streets, sidewalks, drainage, parks, facilities, landscaping, fleet, capital projects, and engineering. Additionally, the Department performs administrative functions including but not limited to grant preparation and administration, contract and project management.

Waste and Recycling Schedule

We pick up trash as well as recyclables on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. All households must use the 95 gallon containers provided by the City. Each household is allowed 1 trash and 1 recycling container. You can find the trash collection schedule by clicking here, Trash and Collection Schedule. The interactive map allows you to type in your address to determine what day your trash will be collected. 

What to Recycle in your cart / Clic aqui para información en Español 

Central Falls Rubbish Collection Ordinance

Section 1: Article !! "Rubbish Collection" of Chapter 30 "Solid Waste" states:

  • Tree limbs must be four feet in length or less and tied in bundles. No wood will be collected.
  • No rugs will be collected.
  • No sand, dirt, sod, rocks, demolition lumber, broken concrete, asphalt, plaster, brick or any other construction material will be collected.
  • No automotive parts, tires, motor oil or other hazardous liquids will be collected.
  • Refuse too large to place in containers as described in section 30-38 shall be required to be placed or arranged next to the container so that they may be picked up by the department.
  • Frozen containers, containers containing hot/warm ashes, sod, and rocks will not be collected.
  • Improperly disposed of rubbish/garbage and recycling not conforming to section 30-38 may be collected by the department and will be billed to the property owner in the amount of $100.00 per item.


Yard Waste

Yard waste will be picked up on Fridays and should be put out on Thursday night (after 5pm). Yard waste  should be put in brown paper leaf bags.  Bags should contain no rocks and no dirt and should weigh less than 25lbs.  YARD WASTE PUT OUT BEFORE 5PM ON THURSDAY EVENINGS WILL BE TICKETED.  In order to help cut costs, we recommend that residents implement compost programs for their yard waste.

Yard waste must be in brown bags (not plastic), cannot weigh no more than 25 lbs, and cannot contain any dirt or rocks.

Snow Removal

In the event of an ice or snow storm, we become first responders charged with clearing the roadways for emergency vehicles and the general public. Please visit the RIEMA Winter Weather website to learn more. Should the Police Department declare a Parking Ban due to major snowfall, there are many parking lots throughout the city that residents can use for overnight parking as shown below. For more information please see here.


Special Items

Large items will not be picked up with your regular weekly trash. Click here for a list of items that can be picked up by special appointment upon payment of the corresponding fee.

Please call to schedule a pick-up appointment or complete this downloadable Request for Large Item Trash Pickup and either bring it or mail it to our High Street address atop the left-hand column of this web page.

Unfortunately, large items not listed above will not be picked up by the City.  Residents are free to bring such unlisted large waste items to the Pawtucket Transfer Station or to the RI Central Landfill. Relevant charges will apply.

Pawtucket Transfer Station 240 Grotto Ave Pawtucket, RI  (401) 569-3977 (link here)   
RI Central Landfill 65 Shun Pike Johnston, RI 02919 (401) 942-1430 (link here


Hazardous Wastes

We all have hazardous waste lurking in our homes: oven cleaner, window cleaner, flea collars, nail polish remover, oil based paint in rusty old paint cans. Anything that has a skull and crossbones on the label, or the words “poison”, “hazardous”, “danger”, or cautions you to properly ventilate the area while cleaning, is household hazardous waste and must not be thrown in with your trash. Instead, please schedule an appointment to deliver such waste to the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation at (401) 942-1430 ext. 241.

How You Can Help


Take pride in your sidewalk! Please sweep sidewalk debris into the street to be cleaned by the city's street sweeper. Additionally, remember during the winter months that property owners are required to shovel their sidewalk of all snow.

Street Light Repair

If you see a street light that is out, broken, dim, noisy, on during the day, or has any other problems please report the issue by calling Prism at 1-866-773-7138 or by emailing [email protected]

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