Pawtucket Times: Central Falls students will receive laptops to use at home

March 11, 2015
CENTRAL FALLS – Students in third grade through the high school this month will be loaned Chromebook laptop computers, which school and city officials believe will aid students as they grow and transition to college and careers.


Classrooms in grades 3 through 12 in Central Falls Public Schools will become 1:1 computer-to-student learning environments, which city officials say supports an “equitable distribution and access to technology.”

In 1:1 classrooms, the integration of technology is both intentional and spontaneous, city officials noted. Technology in these classrooms allows students and teachers to collaborate and create in real time.


The Chromebook program is influenced by Rhode Island's adoption of Common Core Standards, how information is exchanged, and the need for students to be ready for colleges and careers after education, city officials noted.
Chromebooks are laptop computers that run on the Google Chrome operating system. Students will be allowed to take the laptops home.

To fund the program, the Central Falls School District is leasing the Chromebooks and combining funds across multiple departments.
Anna Cano Morales, chairwoman of the School Board of Trustees said that while officials could not afford to purchase the laptops at once, they wanted to have them available to all students, so payments were spread


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