Mayor James Diossa Launches Plan to Grow Central Falls' Economy

CENTRAL FALLS - With a focus on growing the economy, creating jobs and improving the city's business climate, Mayor James Diossa has issued an executive order creating the Central Falls Economic Development Task Force. Mayor Diossa has tasked the group with improving the business climate through innovative policy proposals and setting a clear agenda for economic growth in the city.

"We have made the tough choices to get Central Falls out of bankruptcy and on the comeback trail," said Diossa.  "Growing the city's economy is the next step.  Creating jobs, stimulating growth and supporting business development will increase revenues and decrease the tax burden on our homeowners. The revitalization of the economy of Central Falls remains my top priority as mayor and I am thrilled to have an experienced and talented group of Task Force members ready and willing to strategize on the best ways to realize the comeback of Central Falls."

The Task Force will be chaired by John Simmons, of the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council, and will include the following 7 members: Hon. Agostinho Silva, former State Representative; Krystyna Kozlowski, K & W Webbing; John Gregory, Northern RI Chamber of Commerce; Gary Furtado, Navigant Credit Union; Louis Yip, Tai-O Associates; Peter Fuller, Fuller Packaging, Inc.; and Andrew Cortes, Building Futures, RI Housing.

“The effort to ameliorate difficult economic conditions on a municipal level requires both a proactive and responsive local government working in tandem with local businesses,” said John Simmons, Chair of the Central Falls Economic Development Task Force. “I have the utmost confidence that the challenge of improving local commerce in Central Falls will certainly be addressed with meaningful recommendations by this task force.”
Credit: Providence Journal
The Task Force is charged with reviewing all city laws and regulations that may hinder or promote business growth in the city including issues such as licensing, taxation, permitting, zoning, inspection, public safety, environmental and development regulations. In addition, the Task Force will establish goals for both new and existing businesses in Central Falls and perform research on best practices regionally and nationally that have achieved quantifiable results. 

Mayor Diossa has given the economic experts 90 days to gather evidence, conduct a public hearing and report their findings and recommendations back to him.  

Text of the executive order can be found here  


 PhotoCredit: Providence Journal


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  • Abdiel Calderon
    I’m glad to say that Mayor Diossa has definitely turned Central Falls around. Keep up the great job my friend.