Fire Department Welcomes Three to Team

Central Falls - On Wednesday, July 19th, Mayor James A. Diossa and Fire Chief Robert Bradley administered the oath of office to new fire fighters Justin Carreno, Andres Nunez, and Carlos Polanco. The ceremony took place in the Central Falls City Council Chambers at 5 p.m. 


Justin Carreno, Andres Nunez, and Carlos Polanco participated in and completed the very first class of the Rhode Island Municipal Fire Academy on March 26th 2017. All three men are currently RI Licensed EMTs and have received their assignments within the fire department.

“Being a firefighter is a difficult job but a very important job in keeping our residents safe,” stated Mayor James A. Diossa. “I am thankful we have brought on three courageous men who will continue to uphold the high standard of our fire department.”

The addition of Carreno, Nunez, and Polanco brings the Central Falls Fire department count up to forty-one. The increase will allow an already respected department around the state to continue to work to keep the residents safe.

“The increase is vital as it allows for our department to expand on our work,” stated Chief Bradley. “Furthermore, we have added three local young men that are bilingual and understand our city’s residents. They have positioned themselves to get to this point and I am confident that they will keep our department’s high standards going.”

The three new fire fighters join a fire department who has been hailed for their quick response and handling of two large house fires this year, on Central Street and Earle Street. The Central Falls Fire Department continues to also focus on safety and preemptive measures to avoid disasters.


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