Central Falls Ethics

Ethics and Municipal Integrity

Mayor James Diossa proposed a city code of ethics for several reasons:

  - The goal of this ethics code is to address issues and conduct not covered by the state ethics code and in so doing to hold the city's employees and officials to the highest possible standards of ethics.

  - City officers and employees are public servants of the people and hold their positions with the trust of the public and for the benefit of the public.

  - City officers and employees should act with the honesty and esteem which their position requires.

  - City officers and employees must strive to meet the highest standards of ethics consistent with city and state law, regardless of personal considerations, recognizing that maintaining the respect of the people must be their foremost concern.

Click here to read the comprehensive Central Falls ethics ordinance.

Click here to read the Central Falls ethics handbook.

Click here to read the RI Ethics Commission presentation to the Board and Commission members of Central Falls in February 2019.

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