Charter & Code of Ordinances

The Central Falls City Charter can be found on Municode or Clerkbase

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  • Wilson Bustos
    I really don’t understand how the public workers from the city of central falls manage so poorly a simple situation!!!!
    96 Hadwin St a nice growing church, who decided to bring a Huge trailer into their parking lot, to teach kids in it, violating: fire codes, building regulations, Zoning, doing electricity with out licence, working with out permit, lying to inspector that was an office instead of a classroom for kids. etc, and the list goes on.
    The city got their money to allow them for zoning, permit, fire codes etc. with out caring about converting our street into a trailer park!!!
    The church relocate the Trailer from the back to the front of our homes.
    Our homes will devalue, hour street look more ghetto, we lose JOY, and we as Home owners have NOT say.
    people who don’t live in the city come into the city to place business, Organization, church, etc with out a little to NO care or Respect for property owners & residents of the City Central Falls.
    No many city public workers life here in the city so they are careless.
    we request the trailer be removed, or put behind their building, No right on from of our homes.
    thank you

    Wilson ABC