Central Falls to celebrate Arbor Day with ‘Peace Forest’ Planting

Central Falls – On Friday, May 4, Mayor James A. Diossa and the City of Central Falls will be celebrating Arbor Day at the Francis Corrigan Sports Complex on Higginson Avenue from 9am to 12pm.

Local residents along with Central Falls’ Segue IFL and the Learning Community will be planting a dawn redwood forest along the back perimeter of the park between the baseball outfield and soccer/football field retaining wall. The ‘Peace Forest’ will be dedicated to all of those in the community who have suffered from gun violence.

“I am glad to continue the planting of trees in our community, especially for Arbor Day,” said Mayor James A. Diossa. “Central Falls residents will benefit greatly from this effort, as it is currently the city with the least greenspace in Rhode Island, at just 3%. We have found that the addition of trees not only beautifies the community, but helps to create a healthier City.”

“We are planting a ‘Peace Forest’ made of dawn redwoods, the oldest trees in the earth,” said proud Tree Warden of the City of Central Falls, Matt ‘Twig’ Largess. “We are very proud of planting these 33 trees with middle school volunteers to make a statement to end gun violence and all violence in general. If people feel violent, they can go there and become peaceful.”

The Arbor Day Celebration is a national celebration that highlights the importance of trees and urban forestry in the community. For the fourth year in a row, the City of Central Falls has been named a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation.


Contact: Wilder Arboleda, office: 401-616-2443, cell: 401-318-3788, [email protected]

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