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Mission Statement

Our mission is to determine accurate values of all property (residential, commercial, motor vehicle and tangible) in accordance with local and state laws in order to ensure that the distribution of the tax burden is fair and equitable.

Our objectives are to:

  • accurately and properly maintain and update this property information
  • review and administer exemptions as allowed under Rhode Island law and City ordinances
  • review, oversee and administer the triennial Revaluation process
  • perform these duties in adherence with the IAAO Code of Ethics, which includes:
    • accountability to the public good
    • a commitment to excellence in assessment administration
    • respect for the worth and dignity of all individuals
    • the promotion of fairness
    • an obligation to organizational transparency, integrity and honesty
    • maintaining the public trust


Tax Rates

2020 Tax Rates assessed 12/31/2019.  Non-owner occupied residential $23.69.   Owner occupied residential- $18.18  Commercial -$37.95 Tangible - $69.93


click here for 2018 Tax Rates 

Frequently Asked Questions

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When will I receive my tax bill and when is it due?

What time period does the tax bill cover?

What if my motor vehicle’s assessed value is more than I could sell it for?

How are my taxes determined?

What if I disagree with the assessed value of my property?


Assessor’s Clerk: Carolina Vargas
Email: [email protected]

Tax Assessor: Dr. Daniel Ducharme
Email: [email protected] 

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  • Peer Martin
    We rely on this department for the accurate value of our property.
  • Claude Olson
    So admirable with their swift action on matters in their department.
  • Jessica Lynn
    Your 2018 Annual Return available for download has not been updated to reflect the correct dates. The due date for this form is 13 days away…
  • Chad Descoteaux
    Due to a costly medical concern in my family, I was late with one of my quarterly car taxes. I happily paid the understandable late fee. But, now, because I was late, I owe the whole year’s taxes instead of paying quarterly AND there is a dollar a day penalty for not paying that. How long has kicking people when they are down been part of this city’s tax policy? Obviously if someone is late with a $200 tax, they don’t have $600. Has the person who came up with this policy been thrown into a mental asylum? If so, why is this law still on the books?
  • Lisa Schultz
    Why is there not one clearly written item either in the bill you send me on this webpage that says who you make the check out to you to pay your excise tax? Also my bill is due July 1 and I just got the bill on the 27th. Getting me almost no time to get this in the mail to you. Maybe you should be a little more competent so that people don’t have to rush things out in the mail the same day they got them in order to get it paid on time .