Mayor Diossa to attend Pope arrival ceremony

Pope Francis has arrived in the U.S. making history after touching down just outside of D.C. late Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, an arrival ceremony for the first Latino pope will be held at the White House.

Among those invited was Central Falls Mayor James Diossa. He's the first Latino mayor of the state's smallest city. He spoke with ABC 6 News via Facetime from DC Tuesday night.

"You can definitely feel the excitement around DC right now. You see a lot of souvenirs reflecting the Pope, people just talking about the Pope. You see the barricades getting set up,” said Diossa.

Diossa says he was shocked to be invited. In fact he didn't even believe it at first. He will be live tweeting his experience on Wednesday. The ceremony starts at 9:15 a.m. His twitter name is @JamesDiossa.

"As a practicing Catholic to me it's truly an honor to be present,” said Diossa.

While in Washington, Pope Francis will sit down with President Obama. He'll also deliver a speech to Congress which is a papal first. All in all the historic visit will last six days spanning three cities.

He'll wrap up his trip in Philadelphia where more than a million are expected for an outdoor mass.


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  • Debra Lewis
    That is great. I have been lucky to attend a pope ceremony and I must say that guy is extremely humble. As of now an completing essays at saving for his next visit
  • Emily Cameron
    May everyone attend this Pope arrival ceremony and how was the last Pope arrival ceremony may you tell me something about it because I want to know about it . Now I am looking this because I need this type of site for get help in my education.
  • Noe Hays
    Happy for Diossa! He was so happy to be present at the White House. But I still can’t understand why he was invited to the ceremony. That is a really big honor for him.
    Expert in political affairs at, Noe E. Hays.