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Thank you for your interest the City of Central Falls and for choosing to open your business here. The City of Central Falls provides close proximity to major regional and international hubs at affordable prices. Its diverse population has strong ties to overseas markets, while its government  focuses on energetically pursuing economic development.

Business Registrations

The City has partnered with OpenCounter to help navigate business registration. The easiest way to get started is by visiting our portal: 

Additionally, a description of the steps you need to take to successfully open a business in Central Falls is available below. City staff are here to help you and look forward to working with you. Do not hesitate the contact the Office of Planning and Economic Development for assistance.

Steps for Starting a Business

1.) Find a Location

Work with a realtor to determine a good location for your business. For assistance with land parcel or available site identification, you can also call us directly at the Office of Planning and Economic Department at (401) 727-7480. 

a.) Use the following sites to find the best location for your business needs.

               1.) Opportunity Space 

OpportunitySpace is a centralized online information hub and marketplace for government-owned real estate in Central Falls, Pawtucket, Providence and Cumberland. Check it out by clicking on the Opportunity Space logo! OpportunitySpace maps all City-owned parcels in Central Falls and will provide notice if any are for sale. It also lists tax sale properties that can be purchased at a tax sale auction. In special cases, the City will entertain applications for tax sale properties from developers or receivers.

2.) LoopNet

Our LoopNet page lists all privately owned commercial properties in Central Falls that are for sale or for lease. 


Our Trulia page lists all residential real estate properties in Central Falls that are for sale or for rent. 


b.) Check to see if you need a Zoning Determination

In order to grant a business license, the City needs to know if the proposed use of the property is in conformance with the Zoning Ordinance. OpenCounter's ZoningCheck is a tool the city has implemented to make Central Falls zoning more accessible and transparent.

3.) Petition for License

Once the building inspector signs off on the proposed use, the next step is filing a Petition for License.

4.) City Council Approval

The City Council must review the Petition for License and either approve or deny it. 

5.) Certificate of Occupancy

Once the City Council approves the Petition for License, the business owner must then obtain a Certificate of Occupancy to ensure that the location complies with the building code.

6) Getting the License

Submit the signed Certificate of Occupancy to the City Clerk, who will then issue the business license. The license should be on display on the premises of the business at all times. Business owners must renew the licenses yearly. For more information and renewal dates, visit the Office of the City Clerk.

Congratulations on starting your business!

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The City of Central Falls is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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