Samoset Remediation

The City of Central Falls is currently working with the Narragansett Bay Commission to limit direct discharge of sanitary sewer water into the Blackstone River during rainstorms. City land (parks and roads) in the northeast corner of the city was deemed the best location for the installation of green stormwater infrastructure to capture rainwater before it enters the city's combined (stormwater and sanitary) system. During site preparation for these projects, it was discovered that city parks at 1304 High Street (an old trucking terminal), 53 River Street (the old DPW), 950 High Street (Macomber Stadium), and 987 High Street (Pierce Park/Saul Tarlow Field) are contaminated brownfields. The city is currently working with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management to address these contamination issues.

More information about the contamination at each location is available by clicking on the name of each park.

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