Road Repaving Fund


Central Falls continues investment in Road Repaving Fund

Central Falls' roads continue to be a problem for residents, homeowners and business owners alike.

Mayor James Diossa is tackling the problem head-on by  a 100% continuation of last year’s "Road Repaving Fund" in his FY 2017 budget that was approved this June.

The Fund is seeded by $200,000 in annual payments that the Wyatt Detention Facility is scheduled to make to the City between 2015 and 2019 as outlined in a March 30, 2015 agreement between the Wyatt and the city.  This short-term revenue will be used to address the city’s long-term infrastructure needs.

This fund will be used to finance the rehabilitation of many of the city’s worst roads. Roadways targeted for repaving will be chosen based upon a study conducted by RIDOT on the condition of the city’s streets.  (See link below)

Addressing the long-term infrastructure needs of the city will pave the way for a brighter future for residents and business owners!

   * 2016-2017 Road Repaving Map



Older Road Announcments

  * 2015-2016 Road Repaving Map

  * Press Release announcing Road Repaving Fund initiative

  * RI Department of Transportation Review of City Roads

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