Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide essential services, facilities and programs necessary for the positive development and well-being of the community through the provision of parks, greenways, trails and recreational facilities while working in cooperation with other service providers in the community in order to maximize all available resources.

Programs & Events

         click here for information about Central Falls sponsored programs and events

Youth Organizations

         click here for a list of youth organizations in Central Falls

Parks, Playgrounds & Ball Fields

         click here for a list of recreation facilities in Central Falls

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  • Steve Locke
    I love your mission statement, it shows a deep understanding of what it takes to improve peoples lives in the world today, and quite simply make the world a better place to live in.
  • Mars Wood
    The world has become more and more mechanized and human emotions are no longer warm and hearty. In such a situation, recreational activities can elevate human minds to a great level. Parks, greenways, trails and recreational facilities are the part and parcel of man’s city life, nowadays. The endeavor to provide the same with an excellent service is quite appreciable. People can really make maximum use of such services. Here are more information on this at
  • stephen rowan
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