Mayor James Diossa


James A. Diossa, a lifelong resident of Central Falls is currently serving his second term as the youngest Mayor in city history. Before being elected Mayor in 2012, he served one term on the City Council, first being elected when he was only 24 years old. Since then, he has worked tirelessly with city taxpayers and stakeholders in the community to build a brighter future for the City of Central Falls.

During his administration he has led the comeback of Central Falls after emerging from a difficult bankruptcy by working to correct the foundational needs of the city while introducing initiatives aimed to stimulate the economic climate in the community. Bond rating agencies have noticed this ongoing transformation and Moody’s and S&P have raised the city’s bond rating twice over the past two years and project a positive outlook going forward.

Mayor Diossa has spearheaded a charge to restore quality city services to the hard working taxpayers of the “Comeback City.” In three short years the city has standardized its trash and recycling system, prioritized transparency initiatives at city hall, hired additional public safety personnel to keep the city safe, and increased opportunities for youth in the community. He has also prioritized efficiency in government through the consolidation of city services, to the benefit of taxpayers, by partnering with neighboring Pawtucket for a shared Emergency Management Agency and Housing Inspector. These actions are fundamentally changing the business environment and perception of Central Falls.

As an advocate for the business community, Mayor Diossa has worked hard to enact impactful initiatives in the city. He has highlighted the city’s vibrant restaurant scene by founding an annual restaurant week, now entering its third year. In 2015, Mayor Diossa oversaw the implementation of e-permitting at city hall, updated city purchasing regulations to support minority and women owned businesses, and created a façade improvement program for city businesses. As the son of immigrants from Colombia, Mayor Diossa has embraced his community’s rich cultural history, recognizing the social and economic strengths of a diverse community.

Mayor Diossa is a product of Central Falls High School and a graduate of Becker College in Worcester, MA. After graduation he served as a Crusade Advisor for the College Crusade of Rhode Island, working with low-income students to help prepare them for higher education. He currently serves on the board of Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy as Chair, The Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust, the Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns, and Family Service of Rhode Island.

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  • All good residents are out shoveling snow from the sidewalks. How unfair when after all that hard work the pleasure come through and put the snow from the street on the sidewalk. Now the amount on the sidewalk is so hard to remove. Also heavier because it has been compressed from the plow.
    Why can’t they plow straight. Find a area that isn’t residential to ile it. Or even put the snow in a different area. Hall it away.