HealthSource RI


HealthSource RI connects you with brand—name health insurance
companies, enabling you to compare health insurance plans and
costs—and purchase the right coverage. We also give you, your family,
your employees access to resources that make it easy to live healthy.

Learn more here.

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  • Dave Rothermel
    Health insurance has been a large issue over the years and I’m happy to know that you guys are doing a great job in helping the community with resources. Great article!
  • Carlos Braga
    I have seen many posts here talking about health and I was interested. Very good website, thank you.
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    My God why I never knew this site before, wanted to know more about it, where can I get information? I saw a post talking about pregnancy I’m waiting for a son and I need to take better care
  • Julia Oliver
    Competition is good for business, providing comparative customers makes companies seek to improve their offerings and services, the idea is very good, fully valid.

  • Lucy Bower
    I feel the lack of the exterior in some respects, especially health. I am now living in Brazil and is amazing with the amount of taxes you pay here as health is horrible. health plans charge horrors plans often are not the solution to the customer, very important even compare prices.

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  • Thelma G. Wheeler
    Health insurance plans help you get health services in different ways. Before you choose a plan, familiarize yourself with its provider network and the rules it has for picking a doctor.

    Provider networks include PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations), HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) and tiered networks.

    If seeing a particular doctor (Primary Care Physician, or PCP) is important to you, make sure he or she belongs to your plan’s provider network.

    Keep in mind that some health plans charge you less if your PCP belongs to a Patient Centered Medical Home. Also be aware that some types of health insurance plans require a referral from your PCP before you can see a specialist.

    #healthsource (