Central Falls Sports Fields Updates

See below for a description and breakdown of the projects being completed in the city.  Please note that all dates and projects are subject to change.  Status update: 9/23/2019


Francis L Corrigan Sports Complex (Higginson/Ivan Perez Field):

Under mandatory construction by Narragansett Bay Commission due to Moshassuck Valley Interceptor Project (replacing massive sewer line).

Current Timeline:

◦Pavement of Higginson Avenue, Sports Complex parking lot and drive/walk to begin Friday September 27th (COMPLETED on 10/2)

◦Connection of electrical system and irrigation system to be completed in October.

◦ Field restoration to begin this week starting with ballfield and practice field – still negotiating final restoration plan for the football field.

◦Fields will be totally restored and available for use no later then September 1st, 2020.



Macomber Stadium and 1304 High Street.

The City of Central Falls is currently working with the Narragansett Bay Commission to limit direct discharge of sanitary sewer water into the Blackstone River during rainstorms. City land (parks and roads) in the northeast corner of the city was deemed the best location for the installation of green stormwater infrastructure to capture rainwater before it enters the city's combined (stormwater and sanitary) system. During site preparation for these projects (November of 2017), it was discovered that city parks at 1304 High Street (an old trucking terminal), 53 River Street (the old DPW), 950 High Street (Macomber Stadium), and 987 High Street (Pierce Park/Saul Tarlow Field) are contaminated brownfields. The city is currently working with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management to address these contamination issues.  Here is an anticipated timeline for these projects.


Macomber Stadium:

◦Bids open – Contract to be awarded at September 24th NBC Board meeting (COMPLETED)

◦Intent to Award letter sent September 25th to J H Lynch & Sons Inc.; contractor seeks State EEO and MBE/WBE approvals (COMPLETED)

◦Once State approvals are received, a Notice to Proceed is issued. (In Process)

◦Generally, work will commence a month after the Notice to Proceed is issued – contractor must submit shop drawings for approvals, then order and receive materials.

◦Once Construction Commences with the following stages and should be completed in 5 months

◦Stage 1 – site demolition and soil removal

◦Stage 2 – installation of underground drainage system

◦Stage 3 – fill with clean material, grade site, install retaining walls, walks and other amenities

◦Stage 4 – installation of turf; seed grass areas and plant landscaping

◦Estimated opening of field – late Summer early Fall 2020


1304 High Street


Pre-Development Steps:

-July 2015- City seeks US Environmental Protection Agency for site investigation

-July 2015- City began negotiation of the purchase of the property

- June 1027- Redevelopment Agency votes to acquire property via eminent domain

- November 2017 Site investigation report completed and contamination identified

- Spring 2018 Narragansett Bay Commission agrees to develop soccer field as part of a green infrastructure project as part of phase III CSO

-August 2018 Phase 1 environmental assessment completed

- Decemeber 2018 settlement of property acquisition lawsuit

- Februaray 2019 Narragansett Bay Commisission Phase III CSO demonstration plans released

-May 2019 Water Quality Plan for green infrastructure approved

-August 2019 Remedial Action Workplan Approved

-September 2019 Narragansett Bay Commission awards construction contract for green infrastructure/soccer field


Construction has begun and consists of the following stages

◦Site grading and installation underground stormwater structures

◦Construct retaining walls around the site

◦Install geotextile barrier across the site except infiltration basins

◦Install between 6 to 8 inches of common borrow across the site and grade

◦Install irrigation system

◦Install 10 inches of loam across the site

◦Install sod on the playing field and seed other areas – this may happen in Spring 2020

◦Estimated construction completion – October 31st, 2019

◦Field opens for use – September 1st, 2020


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