Comprehensive Community Planning and Land Use Review

Comprehensive Community Plan

The Comprehensive Community Plan, developed by members of City and State government, non-profit organizations, and residents, promotes orderly growth and development that recognizes the natural and historic characteristics of the land, its suitability for use and the availability of existing and proposed public and/or private services and facilities.

The Plan is also designed to promote an economic climate which increases quality job opportunities and overall economic well-being of the City and the State while balancing housing choices and recognizing the importance of affordable housing. This Plan in turn is used by our department to ensure proper and effective development in and for the City.

Zoning Board

The Zoning Board of Review is the body which processes all variances, special use permits and other alterations to the zoning of a plot in Central Falls. The Board also processes requests for zoning information.

This page contains all the relevant information and forms required to either request zoning information, or to apply for a Zoning Variance, Special Use permits, and other Zoning changes.

Planning Board

The Planning Board is the body responsible for processing applications for all mergers, subdivision and land developments of plots in the City of Central Falls. These actions must all be approved by the Planning Board, which involves submitting an application and fees to be heard.

This page contains all the relevant information forms on how to begin the process of applying for a merger, subdivison or land development.



For more information, please contact Peter Friedrichs at or (401) 727-7480.

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