The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is a flexible federal program that provides communities with resources to address a wide range of unique community development needs. The City of Central Falls receives around $300,000 in funding annually, which is used to provide decent, safe, and affordable housing, shape a dynamic public realm, and expand economic opportunities for residents and businesses.

The City collaborates with a number of local organizations to address community needs at a variety of scales. Previous community development partners include: Pawtucket Central Falls Development, Pawtucket Soup Kitchen, Housing Network of Rhode Island, Mental Health Association of Rhode Island, Blackstone Valley Community Action Program, Riverwood Mental Health, New Hope for Families, Progreso Latino and more.

Some recent CDBG-funded projects include:

  • Tenant and landlord education courses with PCFD and Housing Network RI
  • Major improvements to Jenks, Sacred Heart, and Crossman Parks
  • Home repair program with BVCAP
  • Closing cost assistance program with PCFD
  • Renovation of the Veterans Memorial Park
  • Affordable housing development with PCFD
  • Public sidewalk repairs


CDBG Application and Award Resources

Each year, the Office of Planning and Economic Development of the City of Central Falls applies to the State government of Rhode Island for CDBG funding. A State committee then assesses the application and makes its recommendations for how to distribute the funding. The Governor of Rhode Island approves these funding recommendations and sends funding award letters to the City of Central Falls.

Below are the City of Central Falls' CDBG application summaries and award letters from recent years. 

  Application Summary Award Letter
  2009 Application Summary 2009 Award Letter
  2010 Application Summary 2010 Award Letter
  2011 Application Summary 2011 Award Letter
  2012 Application Summary 2012 Award Letter
  2013 Application Summary 2013 Award Letter
  2014 Application Summary 2014 Award Letter
  2015 Application Summary 2015 Award Letter
  2016 Application Summary 2016 Award Letter
  2017 Application Summary 2017 Award Letter
  2018 Application Summary 2018 Award Letter









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